Speaking to my Depression

Everyone's story has a beginning, middle and end. Sometimes the middle continues and a sequel has to continue that story. Speaking to my Depression is the sequel to Shattered Glass. A book of poetry expressing the words inside of me that I express much like a conversation with my depression and anxiety. This book continues that conversation and expresses exactly how I feel about my mental health issues and how I deal with them in my poetry. With a foreword by J.D. Estrada and Joe Compton telling their story of how a man may approach his psychology and mental health.

Shattered Glass

  Richard White has fought his demons for a very long time. Finding the light and returning to what he feels as normal from time to time. On his journey, he loses many of his friends from his high school to those same demons, depression, and drug abuse. Shattered Glass is his testament and dedication to those he has lost, and to those that are here still fighting the demons they face. in Shattered Glass, he explores themes of mental health, depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug addiction, and suicide. It is a documentation of struggle and triumph, a celebration of life and living. White’s wit, empathy, and a passion for poetry produce a work of endless wonder.

Pages Full of Memories

Darkness, sadness, triumph, heartbreak, and perseverance, all in these 84 pages of poetry, sonnets, and songs. The first writings of Author Richard White.